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Trunnion ball valve is the main product of J-VALVES company, including casting trunnion ball valve, forging trunnion ball valve, pneumatic trunnion ball valve, electric trunnion ball valve, from the connection method, it can be divided into RF flange trunnion ball valve, RTJ flange lug Shaft ball valve, BW welded trunnion ball valve, SW socket welded trunnion ball valve. In terms of pressure, it can be divided into high pressure trunnion ball valve, low pressure trunnion ball valve, and size can be divided into big size trunnion ball valve and small size trunnion ball valve. It can be divided into 2-piece trunnion ball valve and 3-piece trunnion ball valve in terms of structure. It can be divided into full-bore trunnion ball valve and reduced-bore trunnion ball valve in terms of flow.

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