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Ultra Low Temperature -196°C Forged Steel Butt Welded Ball Valve


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Ultra Low Temperature -196°C Forged Steel Butt Welded Ball Valve is a special valve design, mainly used in low temperature fluid piping system, especially in the need for automatic control. The design of this valve takes into account the special properties of the medium in the low temperature environment, such as flammable and explosive, and volume expansion during gasification.

Ultra Low Temperature -196°C Forged Steel Butt Welded Ball Valve

In terms of structure, the extension rod low-temperature butt welding ball valve is mainly composed of valve body, valve cover, valve stem, ball, seat and other components. The stem has been lengthened to accommodate the needs of automated control while avoiding the effects of low temperatures on the drive mechanism. Valve body, valve cover and other parts of the material selection is also particularly important, usually according to the use of different metal materials, such as ferritic steel or austenitic steel, to ensure that the valve in the low temperature environment can still maintain good working conditions.

Working principle, the extension rod low temperature butt welding ball valve through the rotation of the ball to control the fluid on and off. When opening and closing the sealing surface of the valve body, the wear is not serious, and the sealing performance is good, so it can be served for a long time. At the same time, in order to prevent sudden heating or fire causing the sealing ring to burn out, there is usually a fireproof sealing ring between the ball and the seat, when the sealing ring is burned out, the seat sealing ring can be quickly pushed onto the ball to form a metal and metal seal to ensure a certain degree of sealing effect.



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