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Cast Trunnion Ball Valve


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  • 2“-56”


Cast Trunnion Ball Valve

The J-VALVES cast trunnion ball valve employ investment or shell cast bodies & tailpieces, all produced from ASTM grade materials that are properly heat treated and chemically finished. All wall thicknesses comply with ASME B16.34 as do bolting stress levels.

Industrial and Oil/Gas piping applications requiring the higher flow capacity and lower pressure drop of full port internal flow-ways, and those applications where ease of repairability is desired.

       Under normal circumstances, the trunnion ball valve seat is made of non-metallic materials, such as PTFE, which greatly limits the application of trunnion ball valve. In response to this situation, J-VALVES has successfully developed metal hard-sealed ball valves, including floating and fixed types, and are suitable for high temperature working conditions, ultra-low temperature working conditions, underwater working conditions and medium granular and dust removal systems.

        According to different operating conditions and requirements of users, J-VALVES hard-sealed ball valve adopts a variety of advanced ball seat hardening technologies in order to ensure the reliable sealing of the valve under various temperatures and pressures, including over-speed spraying and nickel-based spraying , Special surface hardening, cemented carbide spray welding and the use of high-strength and high-hardness ceramic materials.

Cast trunnion ball valve, constructed, and tested according to API and ASME/ANSI Standards. Other international standards including BS and DIN are also available upon request.

1.Cast Trunnion Ball Valve Technical specifications:

3-Piece Bolted Body, Full Port Construction

Fully Compliant to ASME B16.34

Fully Compliant to API 6D

API 607 6th Edition Fire-Safe

Submerged Packing System & Direct Mount Actuation

Second Generation PTFE Seats Provide Higher Operating Temperatures

Standard Electrically Grounded Ball & Stem


2. Cast Trunnion Ball Valve Product Specification:

Size: 2''-56''(DN50~DN1400)

Pressure Rating: 150LB-2500LB/PN16~PN100/10K~60K)

Material: A351 CF8M/CF8/CF3/CF3M, A216 WCB, A352 LCB/LCC,A105/F304/304L/F316/F51/F53/C3/F2/C95800

Suitable Temperature: -196ºC~450ºC( Different temperature choose different materials).

Suitable Medium: Water, Steam, Oil and natural gas etc.


3.Cast Trunnion Ball Valve Product Feature:

Fixed ball, full bore or reduce bore.

Mounting trunnion Ball valve

l    Blow-out proof stem design.

PTFE/RPTFE seat seal( Seat seal material could be decided by customer's request or according to valve's medium & temp. condition).

Anti-static design and API 607 Fire Safe Design available

Operation: Hand wheel, Worm wheel,Gear, Pneumatic actuator & Electric Actuator.


4. Cast Trunnion Ball Valve Product Drawing:


5. Cast Trunnion Ball Valve Low Operating Torque:

The trunnion ball valve adopts the trunnion ball structure and floating valve seat, so as to achieve lower torque under operating pressure. It uses self-lubricating PTFE and sliding bearing to reduce the friction coefficient to the lowest in conjunction with the high intensity and high fineness stem.

6. Cast Trunnion Ball Valve Emergency Sealing Device:

The trunnion ball valve with the diameter more than or equal to 6″(DN150) are all designed with sealant injection device on stem and seat. When the seat ring or stem O ring is damaged due to accident, the corresponding sealant can be injected by the sealant injection device to avoid medium leakage on seat ring and stem. If necessary, the auxiliary sealing system can be used for washing and lubricating the seat to maintain its cleanliness.

Note: All the data should be confirmed with the approved drawings of manufacturer.



     We also manufacture other type valves, as butterfly valve, check valve, globe valve, Y strainer, sanitary butterfly valve, sanitary ball and so on.

     Any item meets your interest, anything confused you, pls keep me posted, let's talk more.


J-VALVES Service

On Samples Buyer bear the air fee, but this fee will be reduced from order directly

On After Sales Free replacement if there is any quality problem

On Delivery Never delay delivery time

On Materials Ensure material pure

Ensure material pure



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