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Definition of bronze material

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Bronze originally refers to copper-tin alloy, followed by brass. Copper alloys other than white copper are called bronze, and often precede the bronze name to be the first to increase the name of the element. The casting function of tin bronze has good anti-friction function and good mechanical function. Suitable for making bearings, worm gears, gears, etc. Lead bronze is a widely used bearing material for modern engines and grinding machines. Aluminum bronze has high strength, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and is used for casting high-load gears, bushings, marine propellers, etc. Beryllium bronze and phosphor bronze have high elastic limit and good electrical conductivity. Suitable for making fine springs and electric touch elements, beryllium bronze is also used to make non-sparking things used in coal mines, oil depots, etc.

The main bronze products are, bronze ball valve, bronze gate valve, bronze globe valve, bronze check valve, bronze butterfly valve

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