ASTM A216 WCB Material Used in valves
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ASTM A216 WCB Material Used in valves

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Reference standard: ASTM A216 (API grade) corresponds to China Cast Steel No. ZG230-450. Writing on the valve indicates the valve body material.

Its chemical composition:

C≤0.30; Si≤0.60; Mn≤1.00; P≤0.040; S≤0.045; impurity element Cr≤0.5; Mo≤0.20; V≤0.03; Ni≤0.50; Cu≤0.30;

The total amount of impurities is ≤1%.

Note: For every 0.01% decrease in C, Mn can be increased by 0.04%, but the maximum Mn cannot be higher than 1.28%.

Mechanical properties:





Cast steel valves mainly include trunnion ball valves, floating ball valves, gear ball valves, cast steel gate valves, cast steel globe valves, cast steel check valves