8-inch 600Lb trunnion ball valve sent to USA

发布日期:[2019-07-24]     点击率:

In the hot July, we completed the first batch of 20pcs 8inch 600Lb trunnion ball valves from the first batch of USA customers.

From the inquiry trunnion ball valves, to the confirmation of the technical drawings, it took 20 days to place the order, and it took 35 days from the confirmation of the order to the completion of the production of the order. In this hot summer, the workers are not afraid of hard work, and the order is successfully completed with quality and quantity.

Thanks to the recognition of the products of American customers and the trust of us, we believe that our Chinese J-VALVES valves will sell well in the US valve market and there will be a good market space.

Looking forward to more new valve orders from customers