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Electric three-way flange ball valve

J-VALVES Provide Electric three-way flange ball valve,Electric Tee/ Three Way Flange Trip Clamp Ball Valve
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  • Electric three-way flange ball valve

Electric three-way flange ball valve
     Q44F/Q45F high platform three way / Tee  ball valve is available in type T and type L. The T shape can make three orthogonal pipelines connect with each other and cut off the third channel to play the role of diversion and confluence. L type can only connect two pipelines which are orthogonal to each other. It can't keep the third pipeline connected to each other at the same time.
Electric Tee/ Three Way Flange Trip Clamp Ball Valve
Product's NameHigh Platform Three Way  / Tee Ball Valve
Nominal DiameterDN15~DN50
Nominal Pressure1.6Mpa~6.4Mpa/1000WOG (2.5MPa)
Structure TypeBall Type
Connection TypeFlange, internal thread
Working Temperature≤350ºC  (-20~232ºC~350ºC)
Action MannerManual, electric, pneumatic
Body MaterialCast steel, stainless steel
Design StandardChinese Standard; ANSI; JIS; DIN
Application MediaWater, oil, gas, liquid
Spring TypeG.NPT.BSPT.BSP.DIN259/2999
Q14F Threaded three way stainless steel ball valve suitable mediumWater, oil, gas and some corrosive liquids (W. O. G)
Structure Drawing
Electric Tee/ Three Way Flange Trip Clamp Ball Valve
Material of Main Parts
NoParts NameMaterial
1BoayCF8M; CF8
2BonnetCF8M; CF8
3BallCF8M; CF8
5StemCF8M; CF8
8Gland nutCF8M; CF8
9HandleCF8M; CF8
10Direction boardAluminum
11NutCF8M; CF8
12Locking devicesCF8M; CF8
13Leather sheathPlastic

Design Features

1. Double 0-ring third weight stem seal design.

2. Valve stem explosion-proof device design.

3. Large laminates limit deformation space design.

4. Its platform design conforms to IS05211 standard.

5. Multilayer packing TA-luft VDI2400 stem seal zero leakage design.

6. Double butterfly shaped shrapnel assembly abusive design.

7. Seat fire resistant design.

8. Design of the device for the invisible positioning lock.

9. Anti-static device design.
Product Features
1. Three-way ball valve any pass can be used as the entrance without leakage, and can be made into L-type or T-type channel according to the working condition, make the installation more convenient.
2. Inspection and maintenance can be carried out without removing the whole valve body after the pressure relief of the system.
3.Three-way ball valve is divided into L-type and T-type, in the flow direction of the medium to switch, can make the two mutually perpendicular channels connected; T - type is suitable for sub - flow, confluence or flow direction switching.
4.The two seat sealing three-way ball valve structure is compact, beautiful appearance, good sealing performance, it can achieve the medium flow of the pipeline to switch, but also can make each other vertical two channels connected or closed
5.1 Flange end: GB/T9113, ASME B16.5, JIS B2212, DIN 2543-2545
5.2 Explosion proof shaft/flow reduction
5.3 Precision casting
5.4 Management ISO 5211 platform
5.5 Padlock device
5.6 Four seats
5.7 L port or T ports used 360 ° rotating handles
Schematic of type selection
Electric Tee/ Three Way Flange Trip Clamp Ball Valve

Main Dimensions-----(Q14F)High Platform Three-way Ball Valve (L-type)

Main Dimensions-----(Q14F)High Platform Three-way Ball Valve (T-type)

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