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Stainless Steel Type SCREWED GLOBE VALVE

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  • Stainless Steel Type SCREWED GLOBE VALVE

Stainless Steel Type SCREWED GLOBE VALVE


1.Stainless Steel Type SCREWED GLOBE VALVE

1. Full bore pressure temperature rating 200PSI WOG

2. Threaded ends conform to BSP. NPT.PT.DIN 259, 2999

Materials: CF8M (SS316), CF8 (SS304)


2.Stainless Steel Type SCREWED GLOBE VALVE Features:

1. Size: 1/2’’—2 1/2’’( DN15-DN65)

2. Working Pressure: 200 PSI

3.Stainless Steel Type SCREWED GLOBE VALVE Screwed Globe Valve

1) Full Bore

2) Size: 1/2’’—4’’( DN15-DN100)

3) Material: CF8(SS304), CF8M(SS316), DIN1.4408/1.4308

4) Threaded: BSP, NPT, PT, DIN259/2999

5) Working Pressure: 200PSI

6) Suitable Temp.: -20~200℃~350℃

7) Suitable Medium: Water, Natural Gas, Oil and some corrosive liquid

4.Stainless Steel Type SCREWED GLOBE VALVEFeatures:

1. Investment casting Body

2. Non-Rising stem and Hand wheel

3. Adjustable stem packing

4. Loose solid disc, Integral seat

5. Working pressure 200 psi for W.O.G.

6. Temperature range: -60 to 450 °F

7. 100% leakage tested at 100 psi air under water

8. Hydrostatic test pressure: 300psi

9. Y-Globe valve would be available

J-VALVE Note: All the data should be confirmed with the approved drawings of manufacturer.

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