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3 PCS Pneumatic Ball Valve

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  • 3 PCS Pneumatic Ball Valve

Product Description

2 PCS Pneumatic Actuator Ball Valve for Water Treatment are typically used for on-off control of air, water, oil,
and other media compatible with the materials of construction. Unique three piece investment cast bolted
body design offers the advantage of a swing out body for easy inline maintenance. Spring return actuators use
an air pressure signal (80-120 PSI) to open the valve and springs to close the valve with loss of air
pressure (failsafe). Maximum working temperature of assembly is 180 °F(80ºC). Order optional valve mounting
kit to extend media working temperature to 300 °F(150ºC) (suitable for steam up to 50 PSI max. with kit). 
Advantages of air actuated ball valves over other type valves may include: higher flow rates, higher pressures,
higher temperatures, wider media compatibility, straight through flow path, reduced water hammer,
and use in hazardous environments. Ball valve can be mounted in any orientation.

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