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Lug Type Butterfly Valve

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  • Lug Type Butterfly Valve
  • Lug Type Butterfly Valve

 Lug type butterfly valve allows downstream pipelines and equipments online repair, and it can be installed on pipe ends as exhaust valve.

Alignment features of lugged body allows easy installation between pipeline flanges. a real installationi cost saving, can be installed in the pipe end.

Size:DN 50~DN600

Pressure:PN10/PN16/150 psi/200 psi


Face to face: EN558-1 Series 20,API609

Flange connection: EN1092 PN6/10/16,ANSI B16.1,JIS 10K

Top flange: ISO 5211



1. Small in size&light in weight and easy maintenance. It can be mounted wherever needed.

2. Simple, compact structure, quick 90 degree on-off operation

3. Disc has two-way bearing, perfect seal, without leakage under the pressure test.

4. Flow curve tending to straight-line. Excellent regulation performance.

5. Various kinds of materials, applicable to different media.

6. Strong wash and brush resistance, and can fit to bad working condition.

7. Center plate structure, small torque of open and close.

8. Long service life. Standing the test of ten thousands opening and closing opration.

9. Can be used in cutting off and regulating media.


Typical application:

1. Water works and water resource project

2. Enviroment Protection

3. Public Facilities

4. Power and Public Utilities

5. Building industry

6. Petroleum/ Chemical

7. Steel. Metallurgy

8. Paper make industry

9. Food/Beverage etc

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